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Bringing Images to Life!

SandPieper Design strives to produce high quality printed pieces for an affordable cost. We will work within your budget to bring your project to life on paper, canvas, vinyl, transparencies and so much more!


SandPieper Design believes in quality which we carry over into our canvas printing. We can customize any photo, image or even custom design a canvas to fit your needs. We use high end heavy duty canvas and 1-1/2″ thick stretcher bars so you end up with a beautifully stretched canvas print to hang in your custom space!


Here at SandPieper Design we can customize large professional quality photo prints, vinyl banners, retractable banners, backlit, transparencies, wall adhesives and more. We can also print blue prints all the way up to large scale maps. Our printer has the capability to print up to 42″ wide to any length. The prints guarantee high quality vibrant images that will show case any wall, Exhibit, display, window and more!


Uncoated stock is paper that has no coated pigment applied to reduce the absorbency or increase the smoothness. The uncoated finishes can be described as vellum, antique, wove, or smooth.
Paper stocks are separated into types such as offset, bond, cover, index, and vellum bristol. The above chart shows a few examples of different paper weights offered.


A coated stock has a surface coating that has been applied to make the surface more receptive for the reproduction of text and images in order to achieve sharper detail and improved color density. By adding a coated clay pigment, the objective of coating the stock is to improve the smoothness and reduce the absorbency. Coated paper finishes can be categorized as matte, dull, cast, gloss, and high gloss. The coating can be on both sides of the stock (coated two sides, “C2S”) or on one side only (coated one side, “C1S”).


UV printing gives card products the highest possible shine. This is an eco-friendly process of producing cards in either standard or custom size.

Spot UV gloss can be applied to the surface of your business card, post card, creating a clear and shiny layer in your own design on top of the printed artwork. This allows you to direct attention to the important aspects of your printed design, or to create subtle design elements that can only be seen reflecting in the light.

Silk Laminate A silk laminated card is a very soft, soap smooth feel. Silk lamination is water resistant and also tear resistant. The silk lamination is referred to the luxury side of printing.

Foil stamping, (also known as foil application) typically a commercial printing process, is the application of metallic or pigmented foil on to a solid surface by application of a heated die onto foil, making it permanently adhere to the surface below leaving the design of the die.


Banner Stands
Bumper Stickers
Table Covers
Window Graphics
Door Hangers
Plastic Cards
Presentation Folders
Tear Off Cards