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Publisher retains the right to refuse visual and editorial material not in keeping with the publication standards, and to refuse any advertising deemed not in the interests of Warroad’s Visitor Guide. SandPieper Design reserves the right to edit copy. Payment method indication, along with this contract, must be received by SandPieper Design no later than Friday, Sept. 16, 2016.

Payment must be made in full upon acceptance of ad from SandPieper Design. Failure to submit payment in full with of acceptance you ad, may result in removal from Guide. Any ad changes after copy has been approved & submitted to printer will be subject to an additional production charge as determined by SandPieper Design.

Advertiser certifies that  they either own the copyright, or have permission from any and all copyright holders, to all material included in their advertising submitted to the SandPieper Design, and will hold the SandPieper Design harmless in any dispute involving copyright.

The Warroad Chamber of Commerce and SandPieper Design shall in no event be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, contingent or consequential damages resulting from any errors or omissions in the publication described as the Warroad Visitors Guide, including damage from loss of business or loss of goodwill. By signing this agreement, I agree that SandPieper Design shall have no liability arising out of the contract for negligence or for errors or omissions, in excess of the cost of my ad. Placement of ad will be placed by SandPieper Design for the most effective layout of the guide. We will attempt to honor special requests, but requests are not guaranteed.

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